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Many Blessings in the Spirit of the Horses

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Meet Burritto..photo by Amy Eason

Rabiah and the Herd

Ms.Ishgooda playing hide and seek


Volunteer Amanda with long time resident Cherokee taking in the day.

Our volunteers help to make things work at Blue Horse. They are so important. Some are always here and others are behind the scenes. There are many different aspects of our group and we wanted to introduce them to you!!!

In our organization we have a dog rehoming program and part of that requires in home visits. Some of the areas that our four legged friends may end up being rehomed are several hours away, but we still have to insure that both the canine and human connection is a good match. So for that ,we have great volunteers who visit homes before and after  to make sure that everyone is happy.

Susan Patton is our volunteer for Central Virginia including Richmond and surrounding areas. Susan has been involved in rescue and placement for many years.

Mollie McCurdy takes care of Northern Virginia. Mollie was a humane investigator and has saved many animals from a lifetime of suffering.

Tammy Uren takes care of the Hampton Roads area. Tammy is a former Vet Tech and is great with animals.She also designs beautiful beadwork that helps to benefit our horses.
Fred Ridgway is our web master and has been designing our website. Fred is also on our Board of Directors .

Nancy Ridgway is  an officer on  our Board of Directors. She is our  Secretary and Historian she is also helping to design our website.

Wendy Coulson is one of our house photographers!!! Wendy is a fine artist and has been volunteering with Blue Horse for over 13 years.

Elise Wolf is serving as Vice President on our Board she is also an advisor for our horse training using Parelli method.

Amanda Noleni Woods has been volunteering with us since she was 11 years old. She  now lives at Blue Horse and is Barn Manager and intern trainer. Amanda  is pursuing her training credentials in the Parelli Natural Horsemanship Program.

Leah Davis is our volunteer coordinator and assistant Barn Manager. Leah is a speech therapist and is wonderful with the young folks that visit our ranch.
All I can say is thank you !! Not just from me, but from all the animals you help here at Blue Horse. All the horses, dogs, cats and pigs!!! Thank you! You make it happen!!

Our contact info if you are interested in becoming part of our team :bluehorsemukwa@hotmail.com

Please check out  the winter issue of “All Animals” there is a fabulous article in this issue regarding Hunting with Hounds. Several of our rescued hounds are in the article. We currently have 18 abandoned hounds here. Please become a member of HSUS and help stop the abuse of these fabulous dogs. Tell them to send you the magazine…when you become a member!!!

This is Chase , one of our rescues!! 100_0870.jpg

So much has been happening lately that it is hard to believe. First we had the ASPCA award us a grant for our “SHELTERS FOR THE ELDERS ” project. Then Faye Adams and her husband Ken Jessup donated the funds needed to put a roof on our barn, in memory of her mother “Foxy Adams”. Mollie McCurdy donated the funds to help us improve our horse pastures,fencing and housing for our rescued dogs and vet bills. Jeff Winn has single handedly been doing all the building. Bill Green has donated funds in loving memory of his wife Lucille D.Green to help us with even more shelters for the horses and dogs. Curtis Duffer from Sunrise Shavings donated almost two pallets of shavings for the horses stalls…
This past week, Robert Tucker and Lonnie Moore of Spauldings Farm Equipment donated the equipment and materials needed to install three frost free faucets. David Lowman owner of David Lowman Electrical , provided the know how and the labor to install the pipe and hook it up, to make it work.What a blessing that has been!!!! Pete Pennington and Mr. Price volunteered their time to put up a new gate and fix the electric fencing.
It has been an amazing week for our animals and, in the middle of all the negative things going on in the world to boot!!!!

Thank you to each and everyone of you, thank you for your kindness and compassion for the ones that can’t speak for themselves. Thank you for helping to provide warmth and shelter and fresh water for theses beautiful creatures. Thank you for making my work load a little easier in just knowing they are protected.

MANY BLESSINGS TO YOU ALL!!!!!balboandsasa.jpg


Fall is here, and with the changing seasons come new challenges for rescue centers. This past summer we at Blue Horse lost several of our beloved four legged friends….horses and hounds.
We also welcomed new ones into our home.

Every horse that has come to Blue Horse has been an inspiration. Each one teaches us something about ourselves. We learn patience,trust,understanding and responsibility. Responsibility to the spirit of the horse and what gifts they have contributed to human beings.

The horse was introduced to American Indian people over 200 years ago when the Spanish came to Turtle Island.
The true spirit of the horse was captured by Indian people and nothing could equal the bond between horse and rider. Horses brought the people together and enabled them to travel great distances in short periods of time and to hunt for food much more effectively and to move their families away from danger.

Today the horse brings much pleasure to those that own and ride and appreciate them. Unfortunately, often times these beautiful spirited creatures meet disastrous ends. They are used and abused by those that are suppose to love and care for them. We see it everyday at Blue Horse.

There is a traditional American Indian teaching which states,”We are responsible for the next seven generations, honor the earth and ALL Creation, for your childrens, children and those yet to come.
The earth is not ours to destroy, we are only passing through, return it in better condition than you found it”.

Meaning , taking care of ALL the two legged, four legged, the things that swim, crawl and fly..

We need to re-connect to the earth and remember who we really are in the scheme of creation. We are a part of nature, not separate from it. We must embrace nature, not destroy our home. It is believed that the horses spirit came from the sun in some of the teachings, they were selected to help humans. Now we must help them.

Your horse should be your partner and companion, not a commodity and not disposable, they have given you their hearts and spirits to make you shine….Now let them have peace for the rest of their natural life. THEY SHOULD BE TREATED WITH HONOR, DIGNITY AND RESPECT AS SHOULD ALL LIVING THINGS.

In the Spirit of the Horsesfarmmayze-1244.jpg
Rabiah Seminole

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has awarded Blue Horse Mukwa Equine Retirement and Rescue Center a grant for our ”Shelters for the Elders” project. The grant will enable us to build permanent shelter for our elder horses. We at Blue Horse are so very grateful for their support and hope everyone will support them in their efforts to continue the work they do for so many animals.

Jeff Winn will be constructing the shelter. Jeff owns and operates his own business in Chase City, Va and has volunteered many hours at Blue Horse making repairs and building shelters.

The Shelter for the Elders project will be underway within the next two weeks and be completed before the cold weather sets in.Sage is waiting for you!!

Java was brought to Blue Horse by animal control. She was one that survived, her pasture buddy was not as fortunate, he died in the field. Java is a throughbred and is 13-14 years old. She has one of the worse cases of rain rot I have ever seen…But she has spirit and a strong will to survive. She is on her way to recovery. Her former owner faces criminal charges for animal cruelty. If you would like to see a photo of her you can go to:
sheltersource.ning.com. site and click on our blog there. Since the hacking into this site we have ad difficulties uploadng new picts…..